🕒 time off for remote workers.

Right before going on Thanksgiving break, I started to think about time off policies, specifically for remote-first companies. Do policies differ between in-office teams vs. remote-first teams? How much time off is given at remote companies?

To give an example, as a Product Manager at a distributed company we receive unlimited PTO. We’re encouraged to take anywhere from 2-3 days per month on average. Sometimes I will not take any days off for 2-3 months and then take a week to balance it all. Unlimited is pretty flexible for me as it allows me to not worry about when or how to request time. It takes away a lot of overhead from the employee.

Today, I’ll be sharing a few policies that RemoteCo put together showcasing policies from a number of remote companies.

Review time off policies

Btw, what’s your time off policy? Let me know in the comments of this post by viewing this letter in your browser.

Here are a few companies whose time off policies stood out to me:


  • 25 days of mandatory vacation per year and all national holidays in their country of residence


  • unlimited PTO and working hours are flexible


  • minimum three-week vacation policy to prevent burnout

Sticker Mule

  • we don’t track time off but expect people to take roughly 4 weeks vacation


  • Time off policies differs widely from company to company. No matter the company size we can see that some companies enforce flexible and unlimited time off policies in a “take it when you need it approach”.

  • Other companies state 25 days per year or 2-3 days per month.

  • Compared to in-office roles the policies are somewhat similar.

  • Time off policies can quickly change if upper management notices that employees are taking advantage.

  • Unlimited time-off policies, really encourage employees to take the time they need for their family, themselves, etc.

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