Week #8: Open floor plans, working for a fast-growing startup, and checklists 🎉

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  1. Stop creating open floor plans, they don’t work. Go remote.

  2. How my friend Wes goes about working remotely for a fast-growing startup.

  3. Why I love checklists to communicate across distributed teams.

  4. Upcoming Remote Huddle webinar with the founder of Pragli. You’re invited!

This week’s read

Open-Plan Offices Are Now the Dumbest Management Fad of All Time

Inc.com wrote an article all about the huge surge and trend where every company started to adopt an office floor plan. Guess what? It looks like now those floor plans have had the opposite effect for employees and management. It didn’t improve communication nor did it encourage more social interaction. Hmm, maybe time for management to have a conversation about introducing a remote work setting?


📹An interview with my friend Wes and Remote Grad diving into what it’s like working at a fast-growing remote startup. Give it a peek here.

🔨Give this a try - for your next project or release setup a shared checklist via Dropbox Paper, Notion, Google Doc, or you’re favorite documentation tool. Checklists are easy to create, they’re a great fallback in case anything goes off the rails, they keep teams accountable, and for a remote team it becomes a shared space to communicate and a space to keep an eye on project progress.

🧠Later this month we’ll be holding a webinar with the founder of Pragli, Vivek Nair. We’ll talk about the importance of video collaboration and his background with remote work. Join us.

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